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Team Building and Training

Team building and training using the outdoors, a phrase often overused and misunderstood, but do read on. 

 Our Full Time Training & Development Manager can help you work through the training you are working on to come up with a programme suited to both your needs and budget. From a simple two hour raft building session (it appears) to a fully analysed from start to finish activity programme incorporating a number of exercises Jo can come up with a suitable option for you to ensure the best possible use of time and budget. 

The results of the training are down to the team, and you, as to how this transfers back into the workplace. We can work so far with you; the rest is down to the Organisation and the team participating in the activities. 

The key areas we work on are: 

 • Communication. 

 • Problem solving, decision making. 

 • Adaptability/planning. 

 • Building Trust. 

 If you have any other areas (we have done Health & Safety, Time Management to name a couple) please contact Jo to discuss these. 

We are not Super Fit, it is not a Bootcamp, we do not shout, we do encourage and support you in your endeavours. We have worked with a variety of people with a variety of physical abilities and various attitudes to outdoor activities, all have succeeded in their team building. 

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