Waterland Business Development Training For Corporate Events Teambuilding And Training Using The Outdoors In The Cotswold Water Park

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From 6 persons to 150 persons we can work with you to provide an activity session to suit. 

Choosing from the range of our activities you can organise sessions from one hour to a day to cover the following:

 • Reward/Fun sessions: simply participate in activities at our relaxing lake to just have fun 

Break Out From Meetings: meetings and exchanges of information in companies is important, we understand that. Instead of the informal meeting continuing at the water cooler/coffee bar why not set up some activities here at Waterland. This allows the discussions to continue naturally while having some physical activity to balance the mental exertion. 

 • New Team Get Together: not team building, more just a relaxed getting to know each other outside of the work place…..then go down to the pub with a topic of conversation !! We have a few pubs in this area to choose from.

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